Sustainable Wine Gift Packaging

Just in Time for the Holidays!

It is that time of the year. Gifts, food, and spirits are in high demand. We recently had a customer ask us to create a single bottle wine shipper. They wanted a sustainable solution and we had kicked around some ideas. Box+Foam engineering took a look at a honeycombed paper solution but it didn’t fit the bill. Smaller quantities were going to make the tooling unrealistic. We wanted a design that would be different and offer a lot of protection for a wine gift.

The design route that brought us to this pack was simplicity. We wanted a design that would not take a lot of labor but it needed to look well put together. A gift carton needs to show thoughtfulness but the goal of our customer was to get to a protective paper solution. Our packaging engineer conceptualized the design ...

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The Growler Carrier...

This is a fun job!

Several weeks ago I was at Northwest Growlers (www.nwgrowlers.com) on Macadam in southwest Portland. This is a great little pub with rotating taps so, if you are a beer lover like me, you get to try some of the finest beers and ciders in the area. (If you have been quenching your thirst out of aluminimum cans, you probably don't know what a growler is. A growler is a jug of beer that is freshly poured from the keg. It is a great way to get beer and offers a sustainable solution for packaging.) Several patrons came in to get their growlers refilled and most of the folks had at least two growlers. The engineer in me said, "There has to be a better way to lug these growlers around!" So, when I got home I did some searching for growler carriers. There were some nice wooden ones and a "...

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What is the CarbonBMC?

Carbon Offsets for Packaging

I had been toying with the idea of carbon offsets for packaging. Several major companies are using carbon offsets for everything from coal power plants to server farms. The government refers to some of these relationships as “Cap and Trade”. I had read about a company that was offering carbon offsets for packaging but it sounded a little sketchy. Besides, if you are going to do something like this you really want to let people know what you are doing because caring for your community and the environment is a shared value. I was at a business luncheon and I happened to be sitting across the table from David Ford. David was originally a forester and currently applies his talents as the CEO of L&C Carbon (www.lccarbon.com). David was interested in my idea and put me in touch ...

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Over the years, I have had customers that feel strongly that “Test Shipments” are a good way to test whether a package is robust or not. Test shipments are often viewed as a convenient, inexpensive way of determining the viability of a new packaging design. Usually the shipment is sent to a site quite far away and attempts to be representative of a “normal” shipment. Often the test shipment is sent back immediately and examined for damage. If the test succeeds there is still ambivalence because only a limited amount of critical evaluation actually occured – even if several packs were tested. So there is a certain level of doubt about future shipments. When these shipments fail the reaction is predictable; the solution is not clear because no one has an ...

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Sustainable Packaging Design

Triad Speakers Reduces Costs and Improves Sustainablity

Sustainable. When I look in the thesaurus it shows synonyms like, "maintainable, supportable, workable, ecological, green, natural, and balanced". I like the term, “Balanced”. It makes sense. We are balancing materials so that a great deal of the package can be sustainable. When we balance these materials we often reduce the amount of one material and increase the amount of a more sustainable material. What makes a packaging material sustainable? Well, there are a lot of tradeoffs. 

Larry Pexton, the CEO at Triad Speakers, was looking to reduce his packaging cost. We did a presentation for Larry’s team on sustainability and showed them we could get cost reductions through our sustainable engineering effort. Larry ...

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