07.27.2013  Sustainability Through Our Carbon BMC, Life Cycle Tool, and Woodlands Carbon

Carbon BMC

The Carbon BMCTM is Box+FoamTM’s guarantee that a packaging system – the box or the box and the innerpack – have been voluntarily carbon offset using verified carbon credits from Northwest forests. This a unique way to provide a balance between the carbon used in the manufacturing of the packaging and the forests that absorb that carbon. This means that we have effectively negated the impact of our packaging on the carbon cycle.


Life Cycle Tool

The Life Cycle Tool program uses raw data from material producers and other sources to predict the amount of fossil fuels, water consumption, mineral consumption, biotic resources, greenhouse gasses, aquatic toxicity, eutrophication, and the human impact of producing the materials used for packaging. With this information, Box+FoamTM can benchmark and then engineer solutions that reduce our dependency on critical resources. This reduction will lead to less environmental impact.


Woodlands Carbon

Woodlands Carbon provides forest carbon offsets from certified* family-owned woodlands in the Pacific Northwest. These offsets are backed by the landowner’s commitment to long-term sustainable management practices and validated through a third-party verification firm.