06.01.2021  Ire-Tex Corporation Names Ann McCann, Chief Executive Officer

Ire-Tex Corporation (dba Box+Foam) names Ann McCann as Chief Executive Officer. Ann McCann is a highly accomplished leader with proven track record of driving operational excellence (quality) and user experiences at consumer-facing companies. Ire-Tex Corporation, welcomes Ann McCann as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. She was the Director of Packaging Engineering and Operations at Intel Corporation prior to joining Ire-Tex, Corp.

Ms. McCann has over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry focused on retail and commercial protective packaging needs for end users (consumers). While at Intel Corporation, she led the Packaging Center of Excellence in developing and driving the company’s Packaging Tiered Strategy across a broad range of products focused on cost effective, sustainable solutions. She oversaw the Boxed Processors’ operations ensuring alignment with product launches, cost efficiencies and process improvements.

Her earlier packaging experience concentrated on packaging development for retail and commercial products, supplier management and manufacturing operations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Packaging from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.