01.10.2013  + Quality Mission Statement

Quality is central to everything we do here at Box+Foam. Our Company produces the highest quality graphics packaging available to the corrugated marketplace. Our precision engineered boxes are designed and produced to perform to customer expectations. Having the opportunity to be in the corrugated box industry for over 30 years, I have seen many changes. However, the one thing that has always been constant is that making quality boxes for our customers is the number one priority. Quality control (QC) is a procedure, or set of procedures, intended to ensure that a manufactured product meets a set of quality criteria or exceeds the requirements of our customer.Our work in process on the floor is to continually check and monitor all the important factor of the box and die cutting process. Our waste percentage is very low, and our attention to detail in every department guarantees consistency from run to run. Every employee has the right and responsibility to stop the work process if they see unacceptable quality and to take corrective action.No one wants problems with their packaging, but when issues arise we are poised to attack their root causes and deliver effective corrective actions. Box &Foam employs a complaint collection tools, problem-solving skills, root-cause analysis and corrective action programs to give you the confidence you require from your packaging provider. We evaluate these processes through a standardized scorecard that tracks performance over time.We are committed to quality because we understand your needs. Our rigorous process touches every facet of the operation, from senior managers to line machinery operators; when issues arise we don’t rest until they are corrected and procedures are in place to stop them from happening again. Quality is driven through our organization by the adoption of best practices we identify and share among ourselves.